No Hyperbole: It IS Freezing Here. Already.


See? Doesn’t this look cold?

The first snow fell the night of October 12, after a day of weather that reminded me of growing up in New York and those days between Thanksgiving and the first snow in December. There was something familiar about the air.

So far, the weather has been a fun novelty, as we enjoy walking longer distances and wearing a very different set of clothes than what we’d tired of after five years in Malaysia. Scarves, boots, sweaters and even gloves have come out of storage. It’s nice to be able to wear things more than once before having to do laundry, especially since there’s no washing machine in the temporary apartment. And the cat is no longer shedding — apparently she’s decided to keep every hair she grows, which is a surprisingly quick adaptation for an animal who doesn’t go outside.

Novelty is only so appealing, though, when you’re just cold. Last night was our anniversary, and when our first choice restaurant was closed, I picked an alternative based on it’s being a block and half closer. I don’t know what the temperature was then, but this morning it was -14C/6.8F. As we look at apartments, the distance we’ll have to travel to stores and other places is a major consideration for the months of deep winter. Things are close together here in the city center, but “close” means something different when it’s -30. How close does a gym need to be for us to go regularly? What’s the cost/benefit ratio of having a car to go out of the city when we’d also need an indoor parking space?

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4 thoughts on “No Hyperbole: It IS Freezing Here. Already.

  1. Dayna

    6 degrees in October? Ouch, and that is from a newly hardy Chicagoan! You could start zip car – Mongolia. Cars when you need them to go to the gym at -30. An alternative to the gym when you don’t want I leave the house – walk the building stairs. You don’t really need a step machine. Try the real thing. I hope the North Face ships to you. Sending warm thought your way. Happy Anniversary!

  2. pavement2112

    Happy Anniversary! i say go for the most luxurious apartment – get a nice bath for warming up at night.

  3. All good ideas, thanks!

  4. Patty

    I’m hoping for an electric mattress pad for my birthday. Should I send a link?

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