What Would You Do for this Apartment?


Yes, this kitchen does come with a bunch of new stuff.

We’d almost definitely decided on an apartment to rent. I’d seen this one when we were here in August (that day when I got all optimistic about how nice the housing options are here) and saw it again last week when the agent said it was still available. It seemed just as good, so we arranged a time for Mr. High Standards to see it with me, the agent and the landlord’s brother, who’d let us in.

We spent an hour there, during which Mr. H.S. checked out all the things that I hadn’t — because why bother, if he wasn’t going to like it? — the electrical outlets, the functioning of the doors and windows, the water pressure in the showers. We asked why a nice place like that was still vacant, and the agent gave two reasons: 1) Because he’d been out of town a lot and hadn’t been showing it, and 2) Because the President owns it, and there wasn’t a lot of urgency for the rent money.

Really? The President of Mongolia owns this nice-but-not-exceptional apartment? And that guy who sat on the couch for an hour texting was his brother?

Mr. H.S. is working in government and was gleefully ready to check this information when he got back to work, but then the agent emailed last night to say that the place was already rented. Now, no place is as great as the one you didn’t get, but this one was spacious, had wood floors, lots of storage, a parking space in the building and is in a fun area, mere steps from two of Ulaanbaatar’s best grocery stores. (When it’s -30 out, those steps not walked matter A LOT.)

In our household when something doesn’t go our way, one of us pretty much always rolls over and caves, while the other never takes no for an answer.  So, Mr. H.S. — the one with the day job — went online to find alternatives, while I glumly started trying to picture us in a smaller place in some upscale expat neighborhood that I’d resent.

Mr. H.S. is also trying to find contact information for the agent who’d shown the good place to me last week. Because, what if that story about the President isn’t really true? What if there’s some other angle we can try?

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6 thoughts on “What Would You Do for this Apartment?

  1. Who’d have guessed it would as difficult to find a decent apartment in Ulaanbaatar as it is in San Francisco. I bet that guy really was the president’s brother.

  2. Audrey Fernando

    wow! The president eh!? Title doesn’t matter? Mr H.S has given me some ideas of what to check as I am house hunting too. audrey


  3. CB

    Hey, where is this apartment in UB? As average as you might think it is, It looks a whole lot nicer than when I was there – I don;t see the walled carpet in this one, and there seems to be no mention of it smelling of ‘sheep’. Did you check out Star Apartments? And if you do and see someone from Star named Mrs Tsatsral, tell her I said “Hi”. She’ll remember me…CB

  4. Still checking on the Presidential connection, but likely won’t be able to make this one happen. We’re looking in the Seoul St./State Department Store (doesn’t that sound Soviet?) area. Haven’t found Star Apts yet.

  5. Oh you two, we miss you and your wicked sense of humour. Hope you find something soon!

  6. Felice

    In our household when things don’t go our way we blame the other person.

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