Moving Brings Out the Crazy

Now that it’s over, I’ll say that the move itself was pretty entertaining, spread as it was over several days and modes of transportation. We’d tried to sort and discard as much as possible to prepare for the day the movers came, but there was still a mortifying amount of stuff. Plus, it’s really embarrassing to have strangers see exactly what one considers worthy of moving across a continent. Pounds and pounds of coffee beans, for example, and Phil:

Phil, our Komodo Dragon

Phil, our Komodo Dragon

Never having used professional movers before, I was unprepared for how thorough they would be. Everything not specifically designated Not to move was packed, which sounds obvious, and is, but I expect we’ll open boxes to find empty plastic bags, stray paperclips and little shards of soap in with what we wanted to move.

Bringing a cat across international boundaries is now familiar to us, so I should have been more relaxed about how our overfed American pet exceeds the in-cabin weight limits. (5kg/11lbs for both the animal AND the carrier?) I’m really bad at lying to authority figures and dreaded a confrontation at the check-in counter. But Malaysia Boleh: they just asked to see her, so I hoisted the carrier up, saying, “Comel, eh?” And that was enough.

Here she is in the carrier and under my coat during our layover in Seoul:IMG_0628IMG_0615

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12 thoughts on “Moving Brings Out the Crazy

  1. Dayna

    Sam about the Komodo dragon: is it a dragon or is it a statue?

  2. Everyone should travel the planet with a cat and a Komodo dragon.

  3. ellena

    glad you are enshrining your experiences in a blog. you are in an extraordinary place on many levels. will look forward to more ….

  4. N/C

    It would have been more interesting if you tried to carry-on Phil!!!

  5. Joe Luttrell

    M and S–It is great to have your blog resuscitated in your new home country; Sherry and I can’t wait to hear more about your (to us) strange and different whereabouts.

  6. Arika

    Comel dan gemuk? 😉

    The extra layers of fat will be good insulation for your cat during the winter. You might need to buy a hat for your dragon though.

  7. Joan and Wally MacDonald

    M and S – “Would’ve loved to get a photo of the security person in KL if you’d had Phil in your arms! Maybe S with Phil and you with Callie?
    So glad you’re blogging again.
    So you have enough Peet’s to last a bit? Let us know when you need another supply and, of course, we’ll need a land address to send it.
    Does Mongolia celebrate Hallowe’en?! Or will it be just your b’day to celebrate?

  8. reginamorris

    M and S: What a feat! Moving to Mongolia WITH a Komodo Dragon AND a Cat! What an accomplishment! Hey, thanks for connecting me to your blogsite. Love to keep track of you. Love.

  9. Miss all three of you 🙂 Great to note you have re-started blogging again…btw…which one of those horses is mine?

  10. Jennifer Cano

    So great to read about your new adventures. Looking forward to hearing more. Good luck with the apartment hunting.

  11. Wonderful to add the blog to what J&W told us. So glad we saw you ensconced in KL/ Doubt we’ll get to Ulaanbattar. But look forward to seeing the apt you find! Enjoy!
    What a job challenge Mr HS!

  12. Thanks for all the nice comments, everyone! Phil is still at sea with the rest of our shipment, so he’s easing gradually into the cold climate.

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